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PicMii aims to provide everyone the opportunity to invest in startup companies while helping them grow and develop.

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How It Started


In May 2016, the United States Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC) adopted Regulation Crowdfunding to implement the requirements of Title III of the JOBS Act.

Cumbersome Crowdfunding

The PicMii Team identified how difficult the equity crowdfunding process was for both companies and investors. Crowdfunding should be simple, not frustrating.

Simplifying the Process

Noticing how difficult the crowdfunding process was, the PicMii team created a platform with a simple investment process and inclusive crowdfunding environment.

100% Regulation Crowdfunding

1. Every investment opportunity is available for both accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

2. Finally, regulation crowdfunding campaigns aren’t hidden behind larger offerings; they’re in the spotlight.

Our Platform

The PicMii Team aimed to create a user-friendly and inclusive crowdfunding platform. Our platform seamlessly brings investors and startup companies together by making equity crowdfunding easy. PicMii knocks down barriers to entry for investors with low minimum investments and a simplified crowdfunding process.

Our Mission

PicMii’s overarching mission is to make equity crowdfunding available to everyone. We are doing so by:

1. Simplifying the investment process
2. Streamlining company on-boarding
3. Lowering minimum investments

Startup Investing.

For Everyone.