How It Works For Companies

Startup companies shouldn’t struggle to grow due to lack of funding.

Start Raising

Fundraising Process

1. Account Creation

PicMii performs a reasonable basis review on all companies listed on our platform. For this reason, a simple application process must be completed prior to raising on the platform.

2. Legal Documentation/Review Financials

We require each company on the platform to provide basic legal documentation, such as: A Certificate of Incorporation and a Corporate Resolution documenting the decision to crowdfund on the platform.

3. Set Fundraising Specifications

Companies set their own valuation, security type/additional perks for investors, desired capital to raise, and more. PicMii maintains the minimum investment at $10 to eliminate any barrier to entry for investors.

4. Virtual Business Pitch

This is where you describe your company mission, your team, financials, and everything that makes your company special. Show investors what you feel makes you great!

5. Fundraising Goes Live

Investors are able to purchase equity in your company. Funding continues until your goal is reached or you decide to collect.

6. Prepare for Takeoff

Funds raised through PicMii Crowdfunding can be used to continue growing your business! And now you have a crowd behind you!

Regulation CF

Basic requirements for your Regulation CF fundraising campaign.

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Fundraising Potential

Companies may raise up to $5,000,000 in a 12-month period. If raising $107,000 or less, the principal executive officer may self certify the company’s financials. If raising more then $107,000, financials must be reviewed by a public accountant that is independent of the issuer. If raising more then $1,070,000, financials must be audited by a public accountant that is independent of the issuer.

Resulting Cost to Raise

It is possible to begin fundraising with no up-front costs for those raising $107,000 or less. For those raising more than $107,000, companies can expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 for financial review by a public accountant.

Fundraising Length

Campaign launch can begin within 4 weeks. However, the timing of your companies launch on our platform depends on the needs of your business. Campaign length typically ranges from 2 to 3 months, but may last longer.

Continuing Responsibility

Any company completing a Regulation Crowdfunding offering is required to provide an annual report on Form C-AR no later than 120 days after the end of its fiscal year. The report must be posted on the issuer’s website.

Collecting Capital in Waves

Your company may elect to disburse funds multiple times during your fundraising campaign. The regulation, however, requires that your crowdfunding campaign has been active for at least 21 days and that you raise 120% of your minimum funding goal. Once you have achieved these milestones, you may collect capital as it comes in!

Unable to Meet Minimum Funding Goal

If you are unable to meet your companies minimum funding goal, funds are refunded to all investors within 10 business days. During your application process we will discuss the minimum funding goal and try to find a realistic goal for your company.