Why Invest?

Your money should work as hard as you do.

There For You

PicMii is here to answer all of your questions regarding the investment process.

User-Friendly Platform

PicMii has low minimum investments and a simple investment process.


You have the potential to receive returns on your investment as the companies you invest in grow and develop.

Contribute to a Cause You Believe In

The best type of investment is one that helps further a cause you believe in and at PicMii, you have the opportunity to do just that. Investors can browse through a variety of startup companies in many different industries, then review their virtual business pitches to find investments that interest them.

As an investor, you have the power to provide the funds these companies need to continually develop their products.

Support Companies With Your Investment

Your investment is held in escrow until the company reaches their funding goal or decides to take the funds, at which point your investment is officially complete.

Companies use investment funds to continue growing and developing the products/services that you believed in. The money can be used to continue developing an intricate product, increase production, improve services, and much more.

Opportunity to Make Returns On Your Investment

When you invest in a company on PicMii, you are actually purchasing partial ownership in that business. If the companies you invest in on our platform grow and develop, your investment has the potential to do the same. By investing in startup companies, you are contributing to their foundation, and will be rewarded if they are able to continue building on that groundwork.

Unfortunately, PicMii is not able to guarantee a return on your investment. PicMii provides a myriad of educational materials for you to do your own research and make educated investment decisions.

Startup Investing.

For Everyone.

PicMii makes every step of the crowdfunding process easy, so anyone can find their inner venture capitalist.

Low Minimum Investments

Minimum investments are common in the crowdfunding industry. Unfortunately, high minimum investments can create a roadblock for investors. So, we have strived to keep our minimum investment amount around $100 – $500.

Simple Investment Process

We make the investment process simple, especially for first time investors. And if you get lost along the way, we have countless resources available to get you back on track quickly.

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