Why Raise?

Your customers understand your business. Let them fund it!

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

Raise More

Equity crowdfunding allows you to raise more, faster. More traditional methods of raising capital have constraints that equity crowdfunding has eliminated. The long search for venture capitalists is over. Now you have investors motivated by the ability to earn equity in your company, which improves the odds of a successful fundraising campaign.

Collect Funds In Waves

We understand that the success of your company may depend on when you receive the funds you were able to raise. For this reason, we allow companies to disburse funds in waves provided they meet the following regulatory requirements: your fundraising campaign has been active for at least 21 days and you have exceeded your minimum funding goal in “cleared” funds and Credit Card commitments.

Increase Notoriety

When you complete a crowdfunding campaign, you develop a crowd behind your company. Each and every investor believes in your vision. Increased attention to your company will spread awareness of your mission and all that you are looking to accomplish.

But Why PicMii?

Why Use PicMii?

Funding Growth

Raise all the funds your company needs to take the next step or continue developing your products or services. You have the power to set your fundraising goal.

Flexible Campaign

We provide you with the power to dictate most aspects of your crowdfunding campaign, including: your valuation, type of security for sale, time to launch, length of campaign, and method of disbursement.

Rapid Process

There is no other way to put it; we are fast. We put the funds your company needs into your hands quickly. The only requirement is that your campaign last 21 days due to Regulatory Requirements. 

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