Dome Audio

The basic design and function of headphones have not changed since first invented in 1910. After 110 years, a revolutionary headphone experience by Dome Audio has emerged. The design is triple patented with Surround Sound, Bluetooth, and Bone Conduction. The IP also includes interchangeable noise isolation Dome Covers with limitless fashion designs. Dome believes their technology is “The Future of Sound.”


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Dome Audio

The basic design and function of headphones have not changed since first invented in 1910. After 110 years, a revolutionary headphone experience by Dome Audio has emerged. The design is triple patented with Surround Sound, Bluetooth, and Bone Conduction. The IP also includes interchangeable noise isolation Dome Covers with limitless fashion designs. Dome believes their technology is “The Future of Sound.”

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Business Description

Dome Audio is the multi-patent holder of the world’s first Quad Bone Conduction, Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelation, detachable Dome Covers. Dome’s technology inherently combines a unique audio experience with limitless fashion capability and brand collaborative opportunities (via licensing, i.e., mobile billboards, a.k.a headphone real estate) in one unmistakable design. Music lovers from all walks of life will instinctively love the features and versatility. At the same time, celebrities and brands admire the possibilities of seamlessly collaborating via showcasing their brand with a ubiquitous technology platform found only with Dome Audio.
Dome Audio’s USPTO Granted IP: Trademarks, No. 87,924,765, No. 87-557-478 Patents, US D897,986 S, US D884,670 S, US D902,888 S.
The company has raised more than $500,000 to date and has established a veteran executive team and a global manufacturing partner with VTech. Reinvestments in the company have provided state of the art, in-house, rapid prototyping, to include 3D modeling and printing, electronic software, and app beta development, as well as an in-house digital infrastructure, to manage and scale the company’s digital media and marketing needs, hence preempting significant marketing capital expenses.
Dome Audio’s media assets include grammy producers, celebrities, ambassadors, and influencers, as part of its strategic marketing plan to achieve market share through an ever-evolving customer base via scarcity marketing campaigns, digital banner ads, social media promotion campaigns, direct to consumer engagement, and nationwide pop-up shop promotion events.


Headphones have become a permanent accessory for most people. During workouts, commutes, or even sitting at a desk, many people constantly listen to music, podcasts, Clubhouse, and various other media. Analytics suggest headphones are the fifth most consumed tech product on the market.
Having headphones in all of the time causes two problems:
1. Wearing headphones all the time can be damaging to our ears.
2. Headphones are distracting, leading to dangerous situations, especially when behind the wheel of a car.
Dome headphones’ “open-ear” listening capability solves the problem of “closed-ear” headphone listening. On, in, and over-the-ear headphones (an intrinsic feature in all headphone brands on the market) pose two potential health and injury problems.

Hearing Degradation

Headphones that go over the listener’s ears can damage hearing if used at high volumes for long periods. They are not as much of a risk as earbuds: Having the sound source in your ear canal can increase a sound’s volume by 6 to 9 decibels — enough to cause some problems.

Headphones can cause damage to your ears the same way other loud noises do, resulting in what audiologist’s call “noise-induced hearing loss.” Over time, the sounds from your headphones cause the hair cells in the cochlea to become stressed and fatigued. If they do not get time to recover, the damage can be permanent. Headphones do not even have to be extremely loud to damage your ears.

Injuries or Death from Distraction

According to recent studies, pedestrians killed or injured while wearing headphones have more than tripled in six years. More than half of the vehicles involved in the accidents were trains. Lichtenstein said that based on the data they collected, it is unclear whether these pedestrians were crossing train tracks. 70 percent of accidents resulted in deaths. Roughly 90 percent occurred in large cities. About a third of the vehicles’ drivers reported sounding a horn as a warning before the crash.


Dome Audio’s multi-patented headphones provide open and closed ear (when suitable) listening options and therefore radically reduces SA (Situational Awareness) deficits and subsequent bodily injuries associated with conventional (closed-ear) headphones, without compromising a full-fidelity audio experience, only found, until now, with conventional headphones.
Dome’s technology also solves the aesthetic limitations inherent in conventional headphones via its Dome “noise isolation” Covers. Not only can its fashionable look and design be changed instantly, but the option to go private (block out ambient noise), when appropriate, is just a click, click (pop on Covers) away.
Dome’s four speakers (open ear system) allows audio content, e.g., music, navigation, news, or podcast, to be heard in full fidelity (unlike leading brands in bone conduction headphones having two speakers) while simultaneously hearing important ambient sounds in the environment. Dome headphones provide novel health and environmental safety features.

Business Model

Dome Audio deploys the 3 C’s of Scarcity Marketing: Control, Cool, and Collaborations. Control: Dome intends to control its supply with limited product releases, thereby enticing consumer demand while proliferating its brand presence. Cool: Dome hopes to use its “Cool” factor to create a cult-like following to its products. Collaborations: Dome plans to collaborate with fashion brands, pop culture, influencers, ambassadors, athletes, and celebrities to transcend conventional headphones. As a result of the 3 C’s, Dome Audio plans to touch a broad spectrum of collaborators across various industries, thereby benefiting from collaborators’ social media following and subsequently optimizing Dome’s brand equity. Dome Audio generates revenue via direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

Market Projection

The basic design and function of headphones had not changed since 1910 when Nathaniel Baldwin invented the first headphones. Over 100 years later, Apple acquired Beat’s headphones, i.e., essentially the same design and function as Nathaniel Baldwin’s original headphones, for 3.3 Billion dollars, in 2014.
Market Opportunity
Dome Audio created a multi-patented headphone with a unique ergonomic design and features to include quad fidelity, bone conduction speakers, detachable noise isolation covers, Bluetooth communication, and a mobile app.
Dome headphone’s initial market entry is the 48% (almost 50%) of the market currently occupied by “others” (no name brands).


Based on analysis of the “over the head” headphone industry and competitive trends, Beats and Bose are the main relative competitors of Dome headphones. Both Beats and Bose have firmly established brands and will likely continue to maintain their market share. Apple is not nearly as recognized for “over the head” headphones and is not a strong contender in that market segment.

Unique to the Competition

Design Features: Dome headphones’ aesthetic design is unlike any headphone on the market. The ergonomic fit that wraps around the ears is an obvious attention-getter.
Fidelity Features: Dome’s four-point bone conduction transducers are placed around the ear instead of on, over, or in the ear. It is the first over-the-head, bone conduction headphone with more than two bone conduction speakers.
Versatility Features: Dome is the first headphone with detachable noise isolation covers. This feature allows open or closed mode listening. Dome Covers can easily change its fashionable look, i.e., color, features, and brand logos, on the fly.
Audio-wear Features: Dome Covers are an optimal platform for logo collaborations with notable fashion, auto, sports, and entertainment brands. Dome Audio has cracked the code on co-branding.
Brands and Influencers: Always seeking new ways to be relevant and stand out.
Brands love novel exposure in saturated markets, and influencers, from actors to athletes, always seek products that elevate their value. Headphones, the fifth most sold consumer electronic product, are ubiquitous, and for the most part, Bose, Beats, and Apple are brands garnering the most exposure. Many brands, such as Supreme, would likely engage in high-tech real estate, worn on consumers’ heads, to promote their brand equity. Until the emergence of Dome Audio’s triple patented technology, there has not been a headphone product that offers brands seamless exposure and endless opportunities.

Traction & Customers

Recent success for Dome Audio includes new strategic partnerships with 6X Grammy-winning producer and engineer, “Bonzai” Caruso, as well as 5X Grammy-winning producer, Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, manufacturing partnership with a multi-billion-dollar global firm, VTech, strategic partners in the e-commerce space, brand asset development space, hard of hearing space, 3PL product fulfillment, and celebrity/brand acquisition space.

Completed Milestones

Electronics Development
Designed schematic circuit with Bill of Materials (BOM)
Designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Received independent design review.
Received initial PCB prototypes.
Developed firmware and software.
Enclosure/Mechanical Development
3D computer models.
Prepared 3D model for high-pressure injection molding
Designed retail packaging.
Prototyped packaging
Developed Asset Portfolio
Created, tested, and implemented Facebook advertising.
Initiated negotiations with brand influencers and brand ambassadors


Dome has raised more than $400,000 from founding investors.


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Ben White
Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technical Officer
BackgroundBen is the founder and IP developer of Dome Audio, Inc. He has over 20 years’ experience in the Music Industry as a Producer, Song Writer, Musician, Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur. Ben holds multiple patents in technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science and is responsible for providing the company’s leadership and intellectual property. His professional career in Neuro/Biofeedback technology and its applications in peak performance training began in the late 90s. In 2002, he received board accreditation from The National Registry of Neurofeedback Providers as a Certified Neurofeedback Associate. By 2004, the Institute of Neuro Learning designated Mr. White as Master Sensory Integration Specialist, and in that same year, he placed as a finalist in the Charles B. Benenson Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by Project Enterprise, New York.

Tim Wright
Chief Strategy Officer
BackgroundTim Wright personifies the meaning, “More Than An Athlete”. Throughout his career at Rutgers University as a student-athlete, he maintained high honors with a niche focus in sociology. After graduating, he went on to the NFL, earning record-breaking success and was instrumental in winning a Super Bowl with a world-class organization in the New England Patriots, catching 6 touchdowns from legendary Tom Brady during that season. Wright is a visionary and strategic thinker who is in sync with social behavior and societal trends. Being an entrepreneur and enthusiast of the world’s most successful business models has afforded him insight and foresight to implement strategies that optimize consumer engagement and market growth. His understanding of consumer psychology and business tactics helps deliver productive and successful outcomes.

Legal Company Name

Dome Audio


47 US Highway 46
Unit #7
Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840

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Date Founded

April 16, 2019

Campaign Launch

Dome Audio launched their equity crowdfunding campaign on May 17th, 2021



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